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Alcona County Introduces Two New Disc Golf Courses this Summer

There is a new sports attraction opening up this summer in Alcona County. Two new disc golf courses in Lincoln and Harrisville are finally opening. “Welcome to Alcona Community Schools Grand Opening of their disc golf course. This is basket number two and I’m going to show you how to sink one,” said Jacquelyn Schwanz, mission driven community member.

“Well, this has been a four-year process. You know, as we’ve began the nature trail creation, I’ve been able to use it for a lot of different ways, engage students and students, residents and tourists alike can enjoy the serene trails,” Alona County School Superintendent Daniel O’Connor said. Take long and short shots at the baskets and even enjoy a birchwood forest. “This is a student designed and community supported project. So, students came forward and asked for a disc golf course to be made. They designed it. They actually found out the pricing and what they would need to be able to do this project,” Schwanz said.