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Sanborn Elementary School Principal Kisses A Pig to Reward Students

Ossineke Elementary School Principal, Pauline Burnham, issued a reading challenge to her student. If the kids surpassed her goal then she would have to kiss a pig.

The students surpassed the number set by a considerable amount and it was time for her to pay up. While princesses in children’s storybooks kiss frogs, Burnham had to kiss a 12-week-old baby pig as a result of her losing a challenge to her students.

As she kissed the baby pig on the head the children absolutely lost it as they reacted with screams, cheers, and even some “ew’s”. However, it was a nice touching moment for everyone as all the students were rewarded for their hard work in completing and even surpassing the reading minute goal set by their principal.

“So my wonderful Sanborn Silverwolves always need some sort of goal as March is reading month,” Burnham said. “So,  I set a 50,000 minute, if they ready 50,000 minutes, this month, then I would kiss a pig because our whole theme is pig out on a good book. So, I didn’t think they would make it but they went to 62,796 minutes that they ready throughout the month.”

62,796 minutes of reading time is very impressive, especially considering that before this challenge, the students were reading about an average of 20 minutes per night. However, as a result of this challenge, the kids were now reading hours through the night.

Burnham stated, “Everybody as soon as I set this goal, which is in my 30-year-tenure has never, we never reached this high of a goal. They were reading hours throughout the night and they ready through the entire spring break which is a miracle.”

Principal Burnham also had a special message for her students, “Just that my Sanborn students they rock and my staff were just a wonderful family here at Sanborn.”