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What autumn foods are unsafe for your dog?

ALPENA, Mich.– As we get ready for fall foods, a local veterinarian reminds us what not to share with our dogs.

According to Anna–Marie Struble of the Alpena Veterinary Clinic, some autumn staples can pose hazards to our furry friends. One of the biggest hazards is corn cobs. Some may think they’re a good substitute for a bone, but dogs can’t digest them.

“So, what can happen is [the corn cob] gets stuck in the stomach or the intestines and it can’t get past. And if that’s the case, it has to be surgically removed. And if you wait too long, it has those sharp edges where the kernels are and it can actually wear a hole in the G.I. tract.”

Struble says to keep your trash inaccessible to dogs, as buttery corn cobs have an appetizing smell to them even in the garbage bin. She also advises keeping Halloween candy out of your dog’s reach, as chocolate is notoriously toxic for them.

Raisins are similarly toxic to dogs, so keep them hidden if you’re baking raisin cookies.