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Update: Why The Evergreen Gate Was Demolished

An update has been released on the memorable green gate that was demolished. It’s a historic part of Alpena that’s been in the city for decades. Now, its no longer standing.

The bright green gate at Evergreen Cemetary has been around since 1907. Yesterday, the fond memory of that structure was torn out of the ground.

Residents from the community are heartbroken and upset, saying that the gate was a historical part of our community.

“I’m 63 years old and it’s probably been there all my life that I remember,” said Phillip Dion, resident. “You know the green thing that has been painted numerous times, the bright green and um its just very historic I think…I don’t know why it would be taken down,” said Dion.

After speaking to the city’s engineer Rich Sullanger, we were able to get some answers.

“The four columns there in the entryway of the cemetery- that is staying,” said Sullanger. “We’re just taking down the old green fence and its basically…we couldn’t maintain it anymore, it had eroded and rusted down to basically paper thin,” said Sullenger.

“We’ve looked at it. Just no way to repair or maintain it. And it looked a lot worst in the disrepair that it was in than if we take it down,” he explained.

Sullanger says the city plans to replace the green gate with something similar and of the same wrought iron structure.

He also says it wasn’t an wasn’t easy decision to make, and that he feels for the community..

Despite remorse and replacement, the green gate will remain an unforgettable memory.

“It’s kind of one of the things that you know i don’t mind change but why this change.” Said chris lozen, resident.

“It’s a memory loss you know, I know I’m going to hate to see it go,” said Phillip Dion, resident.