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Tips for sticking to your New Year’s resolution

ALPENA, Mich.–We’re halfway through January and new years resolutions are in full swing.

We checked in with life coach Stacey Watson to see if people stuck to their resolutions or if old habits really do die hard.

“People have just gotten better at setting goals and that’s creating hope.”
A recent poll by fidelity says 62 percent of Americans feel 2022 is going to be a year of hope.

Seven out of ten have kicked off this year with a resolution.

Life coach Stacey Watson shares what goals take the top spot for 2022.

“The types of financial resolutions are consistent with prior years, save more, pay down debt and spend less. And yet people are also prioritizing their physical and mental health at higher levels then in the past.”

According to a poll published in daily habits, after 1 week 75 percent of people are still successful in keeping their resolution.

From their the number drops by nearly 25 percent per additional week.
But there are a few things we can do if we really want to keep our new years resolution.

“to stick to any resolution make sure your goal is clear, specific and realistic. Set an amount to save each month so that you can track your progress and see those small changes ad up. And don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Despite the constant series of unknowns like Covid–19 and inflation adding to an endless list of rising costs, Watson says the majority of Americans are confident 2022 will be a great year.

“More then six in ten Americans feel optimistic about the future.”