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Thomas Guthrie sentenced to 20 years in prison

Thomas James Guthrie was sentenced this afternoon to 20 years in state prison, with a maximum of 50 years for sexually assaulting another man back in 2005. 12 years later, the 49–year–old still maintains his innocence, calling the incident a stupid drunk decision.

“I stood up and told the truth about this night in front my wife and friends. The victim and myself were intoxicated and took part in a real stupid decision that alcohol played a big part in. There was no rape, he made this up with help from two others to have me put in prison,” said Guthrie in a written statement to the court.

However this was not the first time Guthrie was convicted for criminal sexual conduct. Back in 1993 the Alpena man served 10 years in prison for sexually assaulting a highly intoxicated underage girl with another man. Today prosecutor Ed Black asked the judge to consider the state legislature’s view on repeat offenders in light of Guthrie’s sentencing.

“In 2012 the legislature said that in situations where a person is a habitual fourth offender and they’ve committed a serious crime…and they’ve been convicted again of a serious crime, they shall be sentenced. Not may, they shall be sentenced to 25 years or more, or life,” said Black.

Black called the man a predator, pointing to Guthrie’s repeated sexual assault of strangers, along with his refusal to accept responsibility for his actions. Guthrie has 42 days to appeal the decision, which the judge believes he will do.