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Tax Free Menstrual Products

Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed a second bill into law on Thursday, it aims to drive down the cost on essential products.

Millions of women spend tons of money on products like these, but today the buck stops here.

Officially called SB 153 the bipartisan package will repeal the tax on menstrual products.

“I think it’s awesome, it’s about time someone stepped up to the plate, ” said Beverly La Londe.

For decades the taxation of menstrual products has gone back and forth in legislation with many women citing that the tax is unfair.

Landrie Molinski  said, “I think that its great that she finally did this, females should not have to pay taxes on something they did not have a choice on. And no one else has to pay for it, like men, they don’t have to pay taxes on something like this, so i think its really important that she did this.”

Research shows that low income women are most effected by the taxation of menstrual products.

“We don’t have taxes on things like groceries, gasoline, things that we need everyday and there’s no woman in the world who chooses to have a period. I think its great that we don’t have to be charged extra for living our daily lives every month,” said Natalie Pettengill.

Women pay close to five thousand dollars over the course of a lifetime on taxes for period products.

You can expect to see the price drop on products in ninety days.