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Students and community members honor Dr. King’s legacy at ACC

Alpena, Mich —Students and community members gathered today at Alpena Community College to celebrate the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

The discussion, led by Instructor Matt Dunckel, covered Race as a Cultural Construct.

The talk educated attendees about the origins of racism, and debunked myths that enforce its validity.

Instructor Dunckel said during his lecture, “Scientific racism is a part of our inheritance as well, and there’s a pseudo–science that evolved around skin color.”

Some participants in the discussion expressed the importance of honoring Dr. King’s legacy and making needed strides to a more inclusive society.

ACC student Miya Ayala says “I think it’s important because he fought for civil rights for everyone, not just a certain race or debunking certain races. He was fighting for everyone.”

Another student, Ashley Bridgewater, says, “It gets us together to really realize how many rights we have and how people still don’t have the rights in other countries, or even in our country today.”