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Sanborn Elementary School Nominated for 2021-2022 Excellence Award

Sanborn Elementary School was selected as a 2021–2022 school of excellence for it’s use of Imagine Math; a program to help students with their math skills.

Imagine Math is the highest distinction offered by Imagine Learning; an adaptive literacy program for pre–k through sixth grade students. Through completing short lessons, students refine foundational skills, and teachers receive reports on student progress.

“Imagine math is a personalized supplemental math program that we use. It allows students to work on particular  topics in math,” said Lacey Bushey, teacher. Diligent standards, rich instruction, based on each student’s level of understanding, helps enhance confidence and the knowledge needed to elevate to the next level.

“So, as students grade three to five are doing imagine math lessons what comes through is called a live feed and that’s an area where teachers can see which students failed a pre-quiz , which students passed a pre-quiz, and which students passed a lesson,” said Lacey Blumenthal, another teacher at Sanborn Elementary.

The students have been working very hard to achieve the Excellence Award. “I’m really happy because our school has worked really hard for this award and everyone has been doing it all year,” said Ashlyn Lobert, a student at Sanborn.

The school ranked number 16 in the country for the award.  “Top 16 in the country is absolutely amazing. For folks that don’t know, its run like a NCAA bracket,” said Lee Fitzpatrick, director of communications for Alpena Schools. “Sweet 16 is a great season for our basketball team and were considered nationally a top score like that for Sanborn absolutely marvelous and worthy of celebration”.

Students accumulate points for solving math problems correctly. They can redeem points to purchase items for their avatar, donate to the charity of the month, or donate to their classroom goal. “I’m donating all my points to charity and every 100,000 points you give to charity it gives two dollars,” said Chloe Burnham, an Imagine Math student.

Due to their perpetual use of imagine math, Sanborn met the rigorous usage standards essential for a school of excellence nomination. “I am so proud of our Sanborn family. They all show true grit and perseverance and we are so proud of them,” said Mrs. Burnham, Sanborn Elementary principal.