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Rain and snow chances begin late Thursday

Temperatures reached several degrees above normal, yet again, with highs of 34 degrees in Alpena, 37 degrees in Traverse City, Michigan and 33 degrees in Houghton, Michigan. Temperatures will remain above normal for January with highs going into the upper 30s Wednesday afternoon.

Weather across the Midwest is largely quiet. We’ll see cloudy skies across Northeast Michigan Wednesday. A storm system now moving into the Pacific Northwest will travel across the northern part of the country. That will bring increasing chances of rain or rain/snow mix beginning Thursday evening.

Wednesday is looking completely dry, essentially no chance of anything coming from the cloudy skies overhead. Thursday will likely stay dry into the afternoon with gray skies. Then the chance of rain or rain/snow mix will increase Thursday evening. Friday, there’s a good chance we’ll get some scattered rain or snow showers.

Wednesday: Cloudy and warm (by January standards). Predawn temperatures will drop to the upper 20s. Temperatures will rise to the middle 30s in the late-morning. Afternoon highs will get up to 37 degrees. Evening temperatures will head into the lower 30s.

Thursday: Cloudy and dry into the afternoon. Chances of rain or rain/snow mix will increase during the evening. Early-morning temperatures will begin in the upper 20s. Afternoon highs will reach about 37 degrees. Evening temperatures will be in the middle 30s.

Friday: Scattered rain/snow showers expected. Early-morning temperatures will be in the lower 30s. Temperatures will not climb much, just getting into the middle 30s during the afternoon. Evening temperatures will become close to 30 degrees.

Significantly colder temperatures will likely arrive over the weekend. For the rest of Northeast Michigan’s weather forecast, watch the latest weather video by clicking the weather tab at the top of the page.