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Pets of the Week: July 28, 2020

Meet Pumpkin. She’s a two–month–old kitten who loves to run around. She’s also quite camera shy.

Pumpkin will be a little cautious around you at first, but if she likes you, she’ll be all over you. Her favorite toys include those with bells or squeakers.


Next, meet Teaberry. Teaberry’s a regular adventurer, always running around or climbing something. She actually climbed up the back of my shirt while I was filming Pumpkin. If you adopt this playful kitten, a cat tree might be a good investment.


And finally: look, across the lawn!

It’s a corgi!

It’s a poodle!

No, it’s Superman!

Superman is a two–year old border collie looking for a new home. His favorite game is fetch, and he loves kids. If this super friend has a weakness, it’s dry dog food; he’s a picky eater who prefers wet brands. If you’re feeling lonely, Superman might just be the dog to save your day.


If you’re interested in adopting, you can visit