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Pets of the week: 4-6-21

ALPENA, Mich.– Today’s pets are Katrina, Sabrina, Rosella, and MaCaw.

Meet Sabrina. She’s a goofy kitten who loves to hunt. She’ll chase anything that bounces, rolls, and jingles. And when she catches something, she’ll strut around and show it off.

Next we have Sabrina’s sister Katrina. You can tell her apart from Sabrina using the white whiskers on her left side. Katrina is mellower than her sister and prefers to watch her while she plays. She was also really into watching the water fountain.

Katrina and Sabrina are a closely bonded pair. They get very upset when separated, so make sure to bring them home together.

Next we have Rosella. This cuddly calico is a loving ball of floof. She’ll come right to your hand for petting, and she’ll let you know if she wants attention. She actually climbed our camera tripod to ask for cuddles. Rosella’s very agreeable so long as you show her love. You can even pick her up!

Finally, let’s meet MaCaw. She’s the type of cat who wants nothing more than a window sill and some sunbeams. She’ll make a great lapcat so long as you don’t have any plans. Macaw will not move unless she wants to.

You can find more information about adoption on the Huron Humane Society website.