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Parents have a stake at helping their student succeed on the SAT

Alpena High School welcomes those with children in high school to the PSAT/SAT parent night next Tuesday at 6 PM.

It’s part of the district’s plan to educate parents on the role they play in helping their son or daughter succeed on the Scholastic Assessment Test–or SAT.

Early college specialist Lee Fitzpatrick said it’s important for families to know the ramifications of taking tests like this.

“This is a high stakes time in a child’s life and one they’re not completely ready to embrace,” he said, “and so our parents can help them make the best choices possible by doing things like preparing for the test and getting ready for their test day.”

The College Board recommends some of these Parent Action Plan tips for senior high school students.

  1. Apply for financial aid as a team: Your son or daughter should work on applying for the financial aid together early and before any submission deadlines. Contact the college or university to follow-up on what forms need to be submitted for aid.
  2. Discuss the loan option: Student loans can be a worthwhile investment to help pay for college, especially is the federal loan has a low interest rate.
  3. Encourage student to take AP exams: Have your senior son or daughter talk with their teacher about taking one of the AP exams if they’re enrolled in an advanced class. These tests are administered in May.

When it comes to studying for the SAT or supporting your son or daughter through this time of year, “It can be the difference between which school you get into,” Fitzpatrick said.

“It can be a difference between the scholarships you earn or don’t earn. And it can also be a difference in the classes you qualify for.”