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Turkey Hunting Season Opens Today

Many have taken the day off and headed out into the woods as spring turkey hunting season has officially started today.
Turkey hunting season runs today through May 31st.
In order to turkey hunt all hunters must have a license and can use a bow, crossbow, a shot gun or a firearm that fires a fixed shotgun shell to kill the bird.
The turkey must have a beard and must not be in a tree in order to kill it.
Safety precautions should be taken when hunting with others in the woods.
"If you're out there with other people don't shoot at noises make sure you have a good shot at the bird and it's always good to pattern your gun before so that you know the distance of your shot out of your shot gun," Blake Gingrich said.
Any violation of turkey hunting regulations are considered misdemeanors.
This means if you are caught hunting without a license you could serve jail time or fines of up to $1,000.

H.U.N.T Annual Report

The Huron Undercover Narcotics Team also known as H.U.N.T has released their annual report and for 2014 the team seized around $293,000 worth of illegal drugs.
Recently there has been a change in drug trends where statistics show people in our area are moving away from marijuana to heroin and prescription drugs.
In 2014, 23 people were arrested by H.U.N.T for heroin delivery and 14 arrested for conspiracy of heroin delivery.
The reason for the increase is that heroin is inexpensive to make and very addictive.
"Unfortunately heroin is a very addictive drug and it's a simple drug to get into and unfortunately get somebody to where they require to have that over abundance of it," Detective Mark Pintar said.
Recently the narcotics team was able to track down the number one heroin distributor in our area through tips they received and arrest him.
The H.U.N.T team will continue to focus on the trafficking of heroin and other drugs so they can stop the distributors before they even reach our area.
The way H.U.N.T does this is they educate our community through presentations and follow tips in order to find the distributors.

Hinks All-In-One Sale

Hinks Elementary School hosted its second annual All-In-One sale yesterday from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m.

With everything from garage sale items to local craft vendors and baked goods, the sale had something for just about everyone.

The day was run by the Parent Advisory Council, and all money raised from the day goes to the PAC to help the school.

"The parent advisory council raises money throughout the year and we've spent it on everything from new technology, new iPads and equipment to go with the iPads, we pay for extra field trips, we pay for books, whatever the teachers need, they come to us and we usually always have the money to help them out," Stacy Levitt-Ruby said.

Some students even volunteered their time today because they know the money is going to good things that will help their school and let them do fun things that can help them as well.

"The field trips that we do go on are educational so we learn as we're having fun."

The all in one sale is a great fundraiser for the school because it brings people into the school and lets them see how great it is, and they're very excited to do it again next year.

Sunrise Ringers Hold Spring Concert

Today, the Ossineke United Methodist Church hosted a Spring Concert put on by the Sunrise Ringers.

The Sunrise Ringers are a community English handbell group, with members from Alpena to Oscoda.

For the past ten years, the sunrise ringers have been performing for the community, showcasing their talent and hobby in two concerts in the winter and in the spring.

For this year's spring concert, they chose to perform at the Methodist church in Ossineke, as they switch venues every year.

This show included all different kinds of music from South African with a bongo drum, to a softer piece with brand new chimes.

"It's a group of people that just really enjoy music, and we love hearing bells, we've gone to some other concerts and heard bells and we just really like them," Ruth Fleck said.

This was a special concert for the Ringers because they also dedicated their chimes at the end.

If you're interested in learning more about the Sunrise Ringers or becoming involved please call Margaret Fox at 989–736–3025.


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