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Social Host Awareness Month

While students are off enjoying spring break this week, there are some concerns that adults and adolescents should keep in mind.
April is Social Host Awareness Month and according to statistics more than one fifth of youth begin drinking before the age of 13.
Underage drinking can contribute to a wide range of social problems and health issues including car crashes.
This is a good time of year to remind parents not to be a host to underage drinking and to be aware of what children are doing at parties.
"It's a good reminder before graduation and college lets out and we might have even been before spring break this time every year so that we do every year and it's a good time of year to remind people that underage drinking isn't legal even in your own home," Mayor Waligora said.
Mayor Waligora along with Catholic Human Services are asking all parents to make a proclamation to host social gatherings responsibly and take precautions to eliminate access of alcohol to those under the age of 21.

Optimist Club Spring Break

Today Alpena High School had a full house as the Optimist Club hosted their 20th annual Spring Break Fun event.
Children and families of all ages packed into the Alpena High School gym to participate in games, crafts and movies.
This event has been going on for 20 years and gets bigger and bigger each year.
The Optimist Club holds fundraisers throughout the year in order to raise enough money for this event and they hope it continues to grow each year.
Everything from the prizes, games and concessions is all–free to those who attend.

Earth Day Bag Project

The Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary along with the Great Lakes Stewardship Initiative is pairing up with Neiman's Family Market for the Earth Day Bag Project.

The Earth Day Bag Project teaches third, fourth and fifth graders the importance of saving the local environment and watershed by not using plastic bags.

Where students will watch videos, have discussions and decorate some Neiman's paper bags with a message about conservation.

The bags will be distributed to customers on Earth Day, April 22nd.

If any teachers are interested in having your class participate in the Bag Project, you have until April 7th to contact Meaghan Gass at 989-356-8805 ext: 41 to set up a session.

The program runs one hour, is completely free and will begin April 13th.

New NE Michigan Executive Committee Members

The Community Foundation for Northeast Michigan has welcomed four new executive committee members to lead the foundation.

The Board of Directors approved the four new officers for being strong participants in their communities, along with committees and being good stewards of money within their communities.

The new officers are Thomas Sobeck of Rogers City as the new President, Sue Fitzpatrick of Ossineke as the new Vice President, Lora Greene of Alpena as the new Secretary and Christine Baumgardner of Lincoln as the new Treasurer.

The new executive board members will have oversight responsibilities of handling the foundation money and grants, while making sure there are no conflicts of interest within the communities.

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