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Crossroad Culvert Replacements

Crews from the Alcona County Road Commission will be replacing a culvert on Goddard Rd. between F–41 and Alvin Rd. on Monday, resulting in road closure for a few days.

They'll be replacing the crossroad culvert with a much larger one, requiring extensive excavation beginning at 7:30 a.m. on Monday and going through Wednesday until about 5:30 p.m.

Crossroad culverts extend from one side of the road to the other under the asphalt and allow water to pass through.

These culverts are being replaced in cooperation with Huron Pines, an environment unit the commission gets funding from to upgrade these stream crossings.

"They're actually being done not only for the benefit of the road, but to enhance the health of the stream itself," Marlena Mac Neill said.

Some culverts replaced in the past were too small and caused erosion in the streams, so the hope is that this replacement with fix that issue.

Traffic on Goddard Rd. between F–41 and Alvin Rd. will be re–routed via a signed detour route.

ARMC And Downtown District Partner Up

ARMC and the Downtown District worked together to provide a day full of community engagement  and healthy activities.

Community Health Walks take place once a month and in the month of August ARMC hosted the walk during the Downtown Summer Stroll.

The health walk started at NOAA, went over the bridge, headed downtown to enjoy the summer stroll and then back over the river adding up to about a two mile walk.

Pediatrician John Nicholson also walked, answering questions about adolescent years and puberty along the way.

Nicholson said it's important to teach kids to eat healthy and the best way to get them excited about eating right is to lead by example.

ARMC wants to see the older Alpena Community taking care of themselves and their children.

Melissa Tolan-Halleck an ARMC employee said, "It's really important to be engaged in your community. We know that people, research shows it over and over, people who are engaged in their community have a better outlook, they're more positive and they're more aware of their health. Those are good things, we want people to be aware of their health in our community and to take care of themselves so it's a win, win, win."

Guests could also participate in a nature scavenger hunt while they strolled along and the winner had a chance to win free glass bottom boat tour tickets.

The health walk began at 6:00 p.m. Thursday, August 27th and went right into the Downtown Summer Stroll which was from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

ARMC Evaluates Affiliation Proposals

Alpena Regional Medical Center is evaluating affiliation proposals as the industry adapts to a host of changes.

These changes have been brought forth by technological advances, changes in insurance and Medicare reimbursements, as a result of the Affordable Care Act, as well as demand for physicians and increasing costs.

ARMC Board Chair Eric Smith said, nationwide hospitals and health systems, like ARMC, are facing unprecedented challenges and increased competition which makes it difficult to remain independent.

With assistance of Juniper, 21 potential partners expressed an interest in the hospital and eight were selected for further proposals.

The board of trustees is evaluating each proposal, ensuring that their mission of meeting the healthcare needs of the region continue to be met.

The Board of Trustees approved a motion to have the CEO of ARMC continue to seek information from the top two suitors and to work with juniper to move toward drafting a letter of intent.

When the board is selecting a prospective partner they are looking to improve access to capital funding, ensure long term viability, to enable cost reduction and maintain local input.

Possible Partnership at ARMC

The Board of Trustees at ARMC met Tuesday night to discuss a number of things, including finances and the support committee.

Also among the topics discussed was that of a potential affiliation or partnership.

The board observed a presentation from Juniper, a consulting group hired by the hospital to facilitate in the discussion.

It has been rumored for the past few months that ARMC was looking to partner, but no specific reasons or decisions were given.

We'll have full updates Thursday in regard to where ARMC is with the systems discussion and why exactly they're seeking a potential partnership.

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