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Rogers City Fall Festival

Rogers City residents gathered at Westminster Park Saturday to enjoy the annual Fall Festival. People of all ages enjoyed all that the Festival had to offer this year. Admission was free and there was something for everyone to enjoy including the children.

There was a bouncy house, yummy food vendors, tents set up with various goods as well as a small farmers market set up. The Kiwanis Fish Shack offered their famous whitefish sandwiches and there was also a band playing live music.

"We have so much to offer. I mean it started out as a cloudy day, we've got, its beautiful weather, the suns not shining but we have a lot of people out and we just have everything to offer so we hope everybody comes down."

Shirley says people have been going to this Festival for over 30 years and the whitefish sandwich is a big reason why people keep coming back.

Car Seat Safety Check

The Alpena Police hosted a car seat safety program at the Alpena Fairgrounds on Saturday. This safety program helped local parents by giving them a few different safety tips and even showed them the correct way to strap in a car seat.

Parents pulled their cars straight into the barn where they were given a hands–on, lifesaving lesson. There were pamphlets and various example car seats available.

"Car seats do expire due to the weather conditions we face here in Michigan. We have the extreme heats in the summer, you know 100 degrees and then we have the extereme lows in the winter time for the, you know, negative 20 degrees. So that plays a big factor in the car seats."

Simpson also says this event is valuable because a lot of parents try and do the right thing by making sure the car seats are installed, but don't always install them correctly.

Tennis Open House at Aplex Center

Calling all tennis stars, the Aplex Center in Alpena had their tennis open house on Saturday. People of all ages dug out their tennis rackets and showed off their skills.

With the new session starting the Aplex Center in Alpena was the place to be. It is open to juniors and adults and the open house was a chance to see the different programs offered.

"A community the size of Alpena to have something like this is something special so part of our mission is to take care of the members that are here, give them great programs but also attract new members and just new people to the game."

Moster has been in the business for over 25 years and says part of the reason he moved to Alpena was because of the community and unique Aplex facility.

Thunder Bay Wine Festival

Wine lovers of Alpena gathered downtown on Saturday to taste what the Thunder Bay Winery had to offer. What started out as a bit of a rainy day, the skies cleared up for the preparation of the Thunder Bay Harvest Festival in downtown Alpena.

However, those skies did not last and guests were forced inside the Center Building. The fest still went off without a hitch and many people were in attendance.

"We did it last year, it was our first annual. We did it in the back parking lot and it was a success, we had about 150 people attend. This year we decided to up the anty a little bit and bring it into right downtown Alpena and share our harvest with the whole community downtown."

As the rain fell, locals enjoyed a live band and food from the surrounding restaurants.

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