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A Tale of Tawas Chickens

This morning former Mayor Kane Kelly and his attorney presented the wording for a petition that would produce a recall vote for City Council Member Dave Dickman. The petition comes after Kelly stated that Dickman was just one of the Council Members that forced him to sign a letter of resignation.

After review, the wording for the petition was not approved due to unclear communication and grammatical errors, forcing Kelly and Jensen to re–write and present the petition.

"The question isn't whether it's the best wording, grammatically correct," stated Kelly's Attorney Peter Jensen. "The word is if you read it, you understand it."

"So now the process of appeals begins and we'll basically clarify it, rewrite it, re–submit it, and Due Process will take place and this petition will go through, it's just a temporary roadblock," said former Mayor Kane Kelly.

The situation remains complicated, with the two parties recalling different facts of what occurred in the meeting where Kelly was presented with the letter of resignation.

Council Member Dave Dickman was present at the meeting, and he told us the accusations of the petition are false, and the Mayor willingly signed the letter, relieved to be rid of the burdens from the job.

If Kelly's revised petition is approved, the recall election will take place this winter.

But what about those chickens that started the whole conflict?

"They're on trial for being chickens!" said Theresa Hurst.

Theresa and her husband Phil Hurst had their last court appearance this past Tuesday where their charges were finally dropped. Theresa Hurst is also attempting to change the city ordinance that would allow residents to keep a small amount of chickens on their property.

She'll be presenting her findings to the Tawas Planning Commission Board...

"And then if they decide that they like that plan they can refer it to the City Council for a final vote, and the public will be included in that final vote."

Hurst will continue her investigation throughout the next few months, and former Mayor Kelly will also be creating a recall petition for Council–Woman Janel Walmsley in January.


Live at Trunk or Treat

WBKB reporters Ashley McDowell and Michelle Mackonochie were live at the Trunk or Treat hosted by MSP downtown Alpena.

City Warning About Unwanted Leaves

The city of Alpena is warning residents to not sweep leaves or any type of unwanted plants that are on their properties into the street. Sweeping leaves into the street will actually slow the city down and cause more work for the city street workers who already work over time.

There are many potentially hazardous things that could happen such as leaves getting swept into the gutters and freezing causing flooding when they thaw. City Engineer Rich Sullenger says it could save time and energy by simply following the rules.

"It saves a lot of effort and time and wear and tear on the equipment, it slows our process down we cant get throughout the community to get the streets swept if we have to deal with those types of volumes. And I said, it is against city ordinance and there is the potential to be ticketed if they are observed doing it."

If you have leaves or brush that you would like to get rid of on your property, the next pickup is scheduled for the week of November 10th. You may also bring your bagged leaves only to the DPW which is open Monday through Friday.

Keeping Homeless Kids in School

Alpena Public Schools are working to keep homeless kids in school and off the streets through funding from the Mckinney–Vento grant.

According to the Mckinney–Vento Law homeless is defined as any child that is not in a fixed, regular or adequate nighttime house.

This program helps kids get the necessities needed to get through school.

Last year the program had $15,000 that helped 229 homeless students in the area.

This school year the amount has increased to $19,000 with 87 students that are already registered.

If you know someone who needs help with funding for food or school supplies please contact Michelle Cornish at 989-358-5174.

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