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3rd Annual Folk Festival Brings Bands Near and Far

The 3rd annual Thunder Bay Folk Festival was a major hit this weekend as bands filled 2 stages for live music at the antique tractor grounds.

Bands from all over the state of Michigan traveled to Alpena to perform and support the festival.

Today was the last day of many musical workshops, arts, and food vendors.

President of the Thunder Bay folk society, Bonnie Bartz said the festival is important to Alpena, because it draws tourist, and gives people a chance to see wonderful talent.

"I think this event is real important to Alpena because it draws in a lot of tourist. Festivalgoers are a special breed of people. We love to go to music festivals; we follow them all around the state. So it's great for the hotels and restaurants, gas stations and grocery shops and it also gives us a chance to highlight what wonderful musicians we have here in Alpena,” Bartz said.

The Thunder Bay folk festival wrapped up a free gospel concert.

The Trinity Wyman Benefit Raises Over $3000 for the Teen

Saturday was truly an emotional and exciting day as family, friends, and volunteers worked non-stop to help out 14-year-old Trinity Wyman.

Struggling with a rare bone condition, Trinity was quite the center of attention yesterday at the VFW Center.

Over 250 people attended a benefit in honor of the teen.

A green bay packer fan, Trinity has just one wish and that's to visit the Lambeau Field and meet Aaron Rodgers.

Honoring her wishes attendees help raise over $3,000.

The event included a bake sale, Chinese raffle, and taco bar.

Standing by Trinity and her mother, family friend, Tony Boris said the community has really stepped up making yesterday's event special.

"The amount of gifts and donations were just overwhelming. We were going to be happy with a couple dozen things. But for almost 300 things to be donated by individuals... That's awesome," Boris said.

Trinity has experienced over 65 bone fractures and tons of surgeries in her lifetime.

If you would like to help send Trinity to green bay there is a go fund me page set up online.

Just search let's get trinity to Lambeau Fields.

Over 400 People Race the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers 5K

This month marks the 15th anniversary of September 11th. Remembering those who lost their lives to save others, the community of Alpena joined together to race the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers 5k.

There are many runs in Alpena but not like this one. Honoring our bravest... Over 400 people decided to take part in the first annual tunnel to towers 5k run.

Following the footsteps of the 9/11 hero, Stephen Siller. Siller a firefighter proved that he was brave when he dedicated his own life to save others as the twin towers at the world trade center fell to the ground. Today, people of all ages, and all jobs including first responders gave it their all to remember as they ran in today's 5k.

Event director, Sharon Cole said it was amazing to see her own family run in today's race.

“My dads a World War II veteran. My husband's a fighter. My brother's a firefighter; I’m holding his gear right now. My brother in law is a fire chief, i lots of friends that are firefighters and it's about them. You saw that in the race today how many of them had their gear on.

It's just incredible. They were coming through with their air packs on, and their boots and they just ran a 5k.” Cole said.

Wife of an firefighter, Sarah Morrison said she decided to run in today's 5k to honor not only honor her husband, but to help others.

"It feels great to be able to do something I love and help someone at the same time since this is such a great fundraiser. My husband's a firefighter and it's fun to see all of the firefighters and service me out here today run in their gear... Such a tribute to people who will do anything for someone else when they need to,” Morrison said.

The foundation helps military heroes who have made sacrifices for our country.

Over the summer building for America’s bravest built the first smart home in Michigan for staff Sergeant Ben Eberle injured during war.

Eberle lead today's 5k and could be seen taking apart of the special event.

As for thank you... Sharon Cole said it all.

"Just thank you to everybody. Thank you to the volunteers, thank you to Alpena...the city of Alpena. Through all of the service organizations. All the businesses who have donated, everybody have been so generous. We didn't have to ask."

For WBKB news, I’m Star Connor.

Alpena Flyers Host Mini Golf Tournament

Earlier today the Alpena Flyers hockey team hosted a mini golf game to raise money for their upcoming season.

Over 30 people showed up to participate in a round of golf.

The game was held so that people could meet the players and learn about their hockey schedule.

Alpena flyers head coach, Russell Anderson says today's golf game is a great start to gain a fan base for his team.

"It’s big to be in the community because we want the community's support. We don't want to be a team that just plays here and doesn't get a good fan base. We like to be involved and get a good fan base for the players. It's always good to play in a good environment. I think getting out in the community like this and helping out is a good way to do it," Anderson said. 

Today's mini golf game was the last day of the season for lee's miniature golf.

The Alpena Flyers first game is September 30th at Northern Lights Arena.

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