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Sugar Filled Halloween

Guest Rick Houchin from Bay Athletic Club shows us how much sugar is in the candy we consume on Halloween.

A Ghastly Tale in Alpena

John A. Lau's Saloon in Alpena has been a hotspot since it's opening in 1893.

The saloon is home to many antiques and oddities. And if you're from Alpena, it's likely you've heard a tale or two of "Agnes" at John A. Lau's.

Agnes isn't a waitress or bartender, but the rumored ghost that haunts the joint.

"I believe that there's a spirit in John A. Lau's," said waittress Kelli Boyer. "I don't know who it is, I don't know if it's Agnes here, but there is definitely a spirit in John A. Lau's."

Bayer says the second floor in the dining room is one of the active paranormal spots in the restaurant.

"All this was an apartment, John A Lau and his wife Agnes lived up here, they ran the saloon and a brothel, that's what I was told, I don't know if it's true."

Staff members have experienced many odd occurrences there, including Boyer.

"I was carrying two beer sampler trays and one fell, just one glass fell, and there was six of them on the tray, and one fell and bounced back onto a shelf I was next to, sitting right up."

Other employees have had similar experiences of glasses falling on their own or seeing Agnes out of the corner of their eye on the second floor.

And even customers have had a side of paranormal experiences with their dinner, including a recent customer.

"She was sitting here and she thought, I don't know if she did, but she said in her peripheral she could see Agnes just wandering back here and she could feel her presence."

The latest unexplained experience happened just three weeks ago when Bayor was clearing a table on the second floor and a wine glass sitting in her bucket was suddenly shattered on the carpet next to it.

"Some of the things that have happened to me just doesn't seem realistic to just be a coincidence."

So next time your at John A Lau's, make sure you stop up to the second floor and give Agnes a "Hello."

United Way Reaches Half Way Mark

The United Way has reached the half way mark of their annual campaign.
Their annual campaign kicked off on the 5th of September and will end for the public on November 7th.
Their overall goal is to reach $200,000 and so far they are at $121,000.
Executive Director Germaine Stoppa says,"There are still a lot of people that are in trouble and need help with food, clothing and shelter and a safe place for kids to go and all the programs we support so we truly hope that people will dig deep into their pockets and help us out."
They are raising money for 15 agencies including the Salvation Army, Alzheimer's Association and the Boys and Girls Club.
They encourage anyone and everyone to donate so that they can reach their goal.

Jump with Jill

Posen Elementary students received a visit today from the only rock and roll nutrition show in the country.
Posen entered the Jump with Jill contest and was one of 35 schools in Michigan to win the prize of a performance from the Milk Means More Jump with Jill Show.
Jill teaches students the importance of respecting their bodies and making healthy food choices.
Jill says, "We get the kids to sing with us, dance with us, to rap with us so they really get into it so that by the time we leave they're singing about low fat milk and about fruits and vegetables so it really gets into their head and they get really excited about it which is really cool."
Kindergarten through 6th grade attended the performance and danced along to all the songs.
Jump with Jill will be back in Michigan in the spring so if your school would like to enter for them to come visit, apply at jumpwithjill.com\win.

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