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Local Maritime Archaeologist Hosts Expedition Presentation

Tonight, a local maritime archaeologist held a presentation regarding her three-year expedition throughout the Northwest Passage.

Stephanie Gandulla recently enlisted into this project into the Arctic, called the Epic Sedna Expedition.

This expedition will include 10 women who will snorkel through the Northwest Passage to raise awareness about climate change.

along the way, the women will also be engaging in a lot of outreach programs with the local communities that they visit.

If anyone is interested in supporting Gandulla in her efforts, visit her GoFundMe page at GoFundMe.com/stephanieandsedna.

Rep. Peter Pettalia Named 2015 Legislator of the Year

State Representative Peter Pettalia has been selected as the 2015 Legislator of the Year by the Michigan Association of Timbermen.

Pettalia says he was shocked to have received the award at this year's annual meeting, but the MAT says they are proud to recognize State Representative Pettalia for his continued support of the logging industry and his unyielding integrity and leadership.

Representative Pettalia is drafting a Michigan multiple–use permit bill similar to Wisconsin's law that allows truckers to use a single hauling permit for all equipment versus having one permit for each piece of equipment.

Representative Pettalia has worked with the Timbermen Association throughout his tenure as a state representative, and he has also worked as the chair transportation over his last cycle.

With Grants, Presque Isle Farm Looks To Bring Sustainable Produce To The Community

To Donate: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/presque-isle-farm-veggies-bees-sustainability

Their Facebook page: www.facebook.com/presqueislefarm

Presque Isle Farm has been a staple in Posen for five generations.

Current operators, husband and wife, Dion and Molly Stepanski took over in July of 2014, with the goal of bringing locally grown sustainable food, to the tables of Michiganders.

Coming up on the second full year of operation, the Stepanskis were awarded two grants, which will help do just that.

The USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, awarded Presque Isle Farm with a $10,000 dollar grant, to build a high tunnel greenhouse, and assist in saving the dying bee population, among others.

"To increase and maintain soil fertility, as well as being tied to bee habitat and the creation of long term bee habitat to benefit pollinators," says Dion.

The Stepanski's also received an additional 15 thousand dollars from Hoop Houses for Health and the Michigan Farmers Market Association, to be used to get their produce on the lunch tables of local school children.

"That is essentially funding to create farm to school programs. We were matched with Rogers City Area Schools, they expressed a lot of interest and were sort of the first school to jump on board," says Molly.

The majority of the funding will go to constructing two 17-foot-tall, high tunnel greenhouses.

High tunnels are effective to extend the growing season through winter, and create a sustainable soil environment, for large production, and higher rotating rate.

Dion explains, "inside there will be about seven, 100ft beds in each one, and so with that extended growing season, eventually if we are growing greens through our one season starting in March and ending in December we could go the whole year." 

A typical 100ft bed of lettuce could yield 1000 heads, so each high–tunnel could yield 7000 heads, 5 times over per year.

Two 100ft high tunnels will be constructed on a large plot of land, and will allow the growing season to stretch much further into winter, and use a lot less energy than a standard greenhouse."

With high tunnels heating sources are not necessary, saving a large amount of energy that is typically used.

Following the first harvest, Rogers City Area Schools students and faculty will be able to get small farm fresh produce with their daily lunch, something that the Stepanski's take pride in providing.

"We just really want the community to be a part of what we're doing. We've gotten so much incredible feedback from people about the vegetables that we are growing, and getting our produce into the schools, and getting healthy food to the community," adds Molly.

The entire conservation effort will cost about 45k dollars, and Presque isle farm is crowd funding for the remainder.

You can also try some of their produce at these local stores…

Neiman's Family Market in Alpena and Tawas City

The Fresh Palate

Austin Brothers Beer Company

Alpena Farmer's Market

Local Eats in Pellston, MI

SLF And Besser Museum To Host Community Reading

The Susan Lane Foundation is hosting its third annual community reading this evening at the Besser Museum.

Local readers include Besser Museum's executive director Christine Witulski, AHS teacher Lynn Olson, Alpena News columnist Doug Pugh, and many others.

The reading is inspired by the popular Salvador Dali exhibit at the museum and is focused around Dali's central ideas regarding his style of art known as surrealism.

"The reading is inspired by the new Salvador Dali exhibit at the museum that you see behind me, and is centered on Dali's idea that surrealism is destructive, but it destroys only what it considers to be shackles limiting our vision," says Museum Executive Assistant Kat Tomaszewski

The event starts at 6:30, will have a cash–bar, and is free to the public.

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