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Developements for Thunder Bay Island

This summer we gave you a glimpse of Thunder Bay Island after it changed ownership, and there are many exciting developments in its future.

The lighthouse will be one of four featured on postcards from the State Historical Preservation Office. The cards will be free and available at visitor centers around the state.

The Thunder Bay Island Preservation Society is hoping it will boost tourism to Alpena once the island is open to the public.

"It gives the location and it gives a little history on the lighthouse and it gives a way for interested people to contact the lighthouse caretakers," said Preservation Society Outgoing President Susan Skibbe. "So it was a great opportunity for us to publicize our efforts on Thunder Bay Island as well."

Currently the Island Preservation Society is working on multiple projects to allow for tourism at the sight. They hope to have a sign in place on the island by spring.

The city has also discussed re–constructing the boat house on the island and even building a dock or pier to allow transportation boats to bring visitors.


Small Library Gets Grant

One of the smallest libraries in Michigan has been awarded a grant to get a much needed update.

The Curtis Township Library in Glennie was awarded a grant worth over $7,500 from the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs. They beat out 494 other applicants and will use the money for a new roof on the building.

The library has been around since 1998 and was completely built by volunteers and library staff using all grant money.

Next on the agenda is to expand the library. In the future they hope to build an addition to provide more space for books and a greater selection for readers.

Missing Woman

Mary Allen Mischley of Alpena was last seen on Thursday January 22nd and Alpena Police Department was notified this past Sunday of her disappearance, now officials are currently in the process of searching for her.
Yesterday K–9 units were deployed to search for Ms. Allen and today the Alpena County Sheriff's search and rescue team is going door to door in her neighborhood.
"Currently we have teams deployed in and around her neighborhood, actually going door to door passing out flyers with her photograph and asking people if they have any information what so ever to contact the Alpena Police Department," Jett said.
Officials are working out of the emergency operation center to come up with a game plan in order to find ms. Allen and bring her home.
"We're continuing to evaluate our plans right now we have discussed some afternoon operations or evening operations and also we have plans to possibly go tomorrow back into a wooded area searching again."
Jett says they will be searching many of these areas not because they think ms. Allen will be there, but to eliminate them as areas she could be in.
If you have any information as to where she may be please contact the Alpena Police Department at 989–354–1800
"If they know Ms. Allen, if they know her habits if there's an area she liked to walk in we always tell them to please call us any information is always valuable information and if it turns out to be nothing that's fine, but we don't know until we know."

Car Accident on Werth Rd

This morning a car crash on worth road left two with minor injuries and one woman with severe injuries.
An 89 year old Alpena man who was driving a truck, crossed over into the opposing lane of traffic and struck an oncoming pickup truck that was trying to avoid the collision.
A 60 year old man and his 56 year old wife were in the pick up truck and were forced off the road as a result of the collision.
"Slow down and allow more time for stopping and just allow more safe driving with the snowy conditions we're experiencing here in Michigan," Rob Edmonds said.
Both men had minor injuries from the crash but the woman suffered severe injury and was transported to ARMC.
The driver at fault was cited for crossing the center line and arrested for operating a vehicle with an expired license.

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