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Easter Food Bags

Volunteers with the society of St. Vincent De Paul in Alpena remembered those in need by putting together Easter food bags Wednesday. Volunteers made their way around the room filling each Easter bag with a balance of different foods, including Easter sweets, as well as toiletries and a coloring book. The 90 Easter bags were decorated by local school children. The bags will go to people staying at the sunrise mission, the women's shelter and the friendship room in Alpena. Bags were also prepared for a number of family's pre-selected by the department of human services.

Copyright: Thunder Bay Broadcasting Corp. 2014

ACC Students Receive Academic Awards

Two Alpena Community College students received monetary awards from the ACC Foundation at Wednesday night's board meeting for their academic accomplishments. On march 25, jenny Jimenez and Dan Hayes traveled to Lansing to attend an induction ceremony into the all--Michigan academic team. Both are being recognized as the top two ACC students this year. The event was organized by the Michigan Community College Association and included recognition by the Michigan senate. Jimenez and Hayes are both members of the national honor society, phi theta kappa. Jimenez is working toward a degree in journalism. She also works as a newspaper reporter and volunteers for heartland hospice. Hayes is majoring in business and accounting, while continuing to manage his landscape and excavating company and work with former inmates to help them become better citizens.

Copyright: Thunder Bay Broadcasting Corp. 2014

DNR Warns Public of Oak Wilt Disease

The Department of Natural Resources is warning the public of a devastating disease that could kill several trees here in Northeast Michigan. According to DNR officials, Oak Wilt is a serious disease that can kill off oak trees in a matter of weeks. This is the time of year that the disease is most commonly spread from sick oak trees to healthy red oak trees. The deadly fungus is often times spread by spore bearing beetles, but officials say the moving of infected firewood by the public can also lead to an increase in oak wilt disease.

Copyright: Thunder Bay Broadcasting Corp. 2014

Lorenz Road Collapses And Washes Away

The severe flooding over the past several days has taken its toll on several of the roads in our area. For one street in Alabaster Township, the flooding was so bad that it swept away part of the road. Lorenz Road started to deteriorate over this past weekend after heavy rains flooded the small creek that runs through it. A tube used to flow water through the ground had rusted and caved in, causing a damn effect. Sunday, the section of the street between town line road and alabaster road collapsed and washed away. Road commission officials say it's difficult to see events like this coming. For now the road is closed, but Nunn says they have ordered a new tube and hope to have the road back open by the end of next week. The repairs will end up costing the county 8 to 10 thousand dollars.

Copyright: Thunder Bay Broadcasting Corp. 2014

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