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New book pays homage to Michiganders

ALPENA, Mich –Michiganders and local book stores may soon see a summer read on their shelves that literally hits close to home as a new book

about all things Michigan will soon be released.

M is for Michigan was inspired by author, Maria Kernahan, who said she has been visiting the state for the past 35 years.

During her visits, she found that Michigan had everything to offer.

Kernahan even mentioned some of her favorite things about Alpena being sailing races in Huron, fishing, farmers markets and even the beach.

According to Kernahan, the book is written to be informative but to also provide fun facts about Michigan.

Michael Schafbuch, responsible for the illustrations, said he and Kernahan wanted to write about real things in a superbly accurate way.

Schafbuch also said the visuals in the book were important to him as he wants them to appeal to children and adults.

As far as fact checking, Kernahan and Schafbuch have lots of fun doing that as they drive to the various locations.

While there isn’t an exact date as to when books will be on shelves, Schafbuch informed us that they are in the works for circulation.