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New Apocalyptic Board Game Takes Shape from Downtown Alpena

A look at "World's End The Board Game" which is designed from the downtown streets of Alpena.

Alpena- A new board game launches today but this isn’t your average board game.

It’s an apocalyptic adventure where 2-5 players duke it out to survive different obstacles and situations revolving around zombies and different creatures. The game is called “World’s End” and it was created by Stacy VanOrman, an Alpena resident. VanOrman has been working on this project for three years with several designers and artist around the world to bring his creation to life.

“trying to get all the artwork done and all of the printing, prototypes, concept, testing… everything had to be done so we’re excited to be toward the end of this road,” said VanOrman.

Perhaps the most unique part about this board game is that it’s based on Downtown Alpena. The streets, the Second Avenue Bridge, and the buildings all mimic the downtown.

“If we have to pick somewhere, why not make it a town that you love,” said VanOrman

The game takes anywhere from 25 minutes to an hour to complete. It is a fairly easy board game to understand with options for more advanced play. Players can either work together to try and survive or deceive each other to get to the ultimate goal, escaping first and getting out of the city alive. The board also has the potential to win the game if no one is able to make it out.

“I think there is definitely things there for people who are really deep into board games as well as people who are just breaking into the surface of board games,” said Board Designer Redd Cohen in a Skype interview.

The team has launched the game on Kickstarter to help gather funds for more copies of the game and continued expansion into department and game stores around the United States and eventually the whole world.

Find out more information by visiting their Facebook page. You can reserve your copy here by pledging to their Kickstarter.  

The group is having a launch party at Latitudes Bar in Alpena for people to try out the game and meet some of the creators.