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National Heat Stroke Awareness Day Reminds Parents of Dangers of Leaving Child in Car

Monday was National Heatstroke Prevention Day, so to raise awareness about heatstroke, reporter Star Connor spoke to the local fire department about the dangers of leaving a child or animal inside of the car.

Heat…. It’s something common everyday especially during the summer. But do you know just how hot your car can actually get? That’s why today has been declared National Heatstroke Prevention Day to inform parents about the precautions they need to take that can remind them that their child is inside of a car.

“Keep something in the backseat especially women, put your purse back there because you need your purse every time you go shopping or whenever you go in the store. Look in your car before you leave, don’t just get out or close your door and lock and walk away. You have enough windows you should look in the back and see your child,” Firefighter, and Medic, Doug Keogh said.

According to at least 729 children left inside of a vehicle have died of heatstroke since 1998. Just this weekend two children under the age of five died in Phoenix, Arizona within 24 hours after being left inside of a car. All of these deaths could have been prevented.

“If parents notice that their child is starting to get heated before they even leave the car take them to the hospital. Especially for children, they deteriorate or get worse fast. You don’t notice it until it’s to the point where they need medical attention or it’s too late,” Keogh said.

But if you think kids are the only ones at risk being left inside of a car… Your beloved pets are at danger too.

“If you know you’re going to be in a store for a long period of time, I wouldn’t bring your animal with you, because it gets so hot in these vehicles so fast that it’s safer just to keep them at home in the air condition or where they know they can get some shade and water,” Keogh said.

“Using a “tic” device we actually sat inside of a car to see just how hot it actually gets,” Reporter Connor said.

Keogh recommends that every one leave their car windows rolled down to about an inch to prevent heat from rising during a workday.