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Michigan Music Venture in Alpena

ALPENA, MI. –  The Michigan Music Venture is giving local artists a chance to share their talents. Tuning into the latest platform will display some of the musical talent nearby.

“Michigan music venture started off as Zach and I having a pow– wow about what we wanted to do to feature and highlight the Michigan music scene as a whole.” said Chaz Anthony, MMV Co-founder
MMV began as an idea to give a spotlight to artists, musicians, and cultures throughout Northeast Michigan. Several local bands have already had their chance to shine on the program including Citrus Orange, Joey Spina, and Troy Graham.

MMV Co-founder, Zachary Irving, says that it is important for local artists to have a creative space. “I think it’s of high importance to rural areas to be culturally aware. That creates a mindset that I think MMV has been pushing forward and trying to grow to as well.”

This platform is created through live streamed concerts, interviews, and short docs. You can find the links to MMV below.