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‘Matter of Balance’ Encourages Seniors to Cope with Falls

With age, comes challenges’ including balance. That’s why the Alpena Senior Citizen’s Center is holding their annual ‘Matter of Balance’ Program.

“Matter of Balance’ is a focused, concentrated way of examine how we think about not falling, and preventing those falls that could happen in the future,” Glomski said.

Mapp Counselor, Kitty Glomski said she decided to teach the class due to her own personal experience.

“I took a tumble, and it was so unexpected but it made me think about falling and preventing falls.”

When it comes to getter older, people can be their own worst enemy. That’s why the class will be limited to create a positive experience, and focus on exercises to build confidence.

“Part of the program we’ll do exercises that help to strengthen the muscles we use for walking, and we don’t think that we need to use anything different, but balance and walking go hand and hand, and so the exercises do work,” she revealed.

Thanks to technology seniors have begun to get out more and not limit themselves to their homes.

“There is technology, but there’s also old technology. With matter of balance we’re trying to get people to start thinking about fall prevention, so they can go out and do their yard work, or grocery shopping, or go walking. Some of the new GPS’s allows them to do that and if they do fall they still can still use it,” Glomski said.

The 8–week program will be held every on Monday from 9:30 am until 11:30 am. Glomski said there’s still time to sign up.

“Next Monday is the last time that we will allow for a signup, anyone who wants to join the class can reap the benefits of matter of balance,” Glomski said.