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Local man is a danger to animals

On September 14th the Huron Humane Society posted a warning on their Facebook page. This alert stated that a local man named “Chris” has been collecting animals online and killing them. Here is the full post from the Huron Humane Society of Alpena Facebook page.

“ALERT: If you have posted on social media about either finding a stray animal or seeking to find a new home for a pet, please exercise caution in whom you turn over an animal to.  Please be extremely careful of a man named Chris, who seems to move between Alpena and Oscoda. His intentions for your animals are not pure. We have received credible reports that he kills animals—cats especially. Law enforcement is aware of this man. If he contacts you, or if you are unsure about turning an animal over to someone who asserts ownership, please contact Alpena County Sheriff’s Office Animal ControlEDIT: One tactic this man uses is to tell people in possession of a found animal that HHS has given him their number to call. We want to be absolutely clear that this is never true. HHS and other area shelters are well aware of this man and would never assist him in any way in finding another animal to prey on.” 

When you are looking to re-home an animal you should always thoroughly investigate the person interested in your animal before giving up custody of them. President of the Huron Humane Society, Cindy Johnson, said that situations where animals are abused in an online re-homing situation probably happens more often than we know.