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Importance of renters insurance

ALPENA, Mich. — When you think of insurance,  protecting your car, house and loved ones may come to mind first.  Renters insurance, however, is not one that tops the list but you may want to rethink that.

One misconception renters have is that their personal property is covered by the landlord’s insurance.  Local State Farm President TJ Hoes  said not having renters insurance could result in the loss of important everyday items such as computers, phones, flat screen televisions and more.

Hoes said you can do everything right and your neighbor does something wrong which can result in displacement.

State Farm Owner Samuel Rumbles sites an example when self–cleaning a stove went wrong but because they were insured, they were covered for lodging, food, and travel expenses.

Community Risk Reduction Officer Andy Marceau responded to a recent fire that left the tenants displaced.  Marceau also said because they had insurance, they were protected.

Hoes said with a traditional renters policy you have personal property coverage, liability, medical and loss of use which covers displacement.  He adds that you can get coverage for  as little as a dollar a day.