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Immanuel Lutheran Students Celebrate 500th Anniversary of Martin Luther

It was a day to dress up but not because it’s Halloween; October 31st also has to be the day of Reformation Day of Martin Luther. Students at Immanuel Lutheran traveled back in time all the way to 1517.

“It’s been a special deal because of the 500th anniversary since Martin Luther nailed the 95 Thesis to the castle door of Wartburg, Germany,” Pastor Erickson said.

Taking part in many stations to help educate the students a little better, teachers created hands on activities for the reformation day fair.

“Today they are visiting different figures like Martin Luther, John Tetzel. They played a fish game where they are pretending to get into a fish barrel like the nuns did when they were taken out of the nunnery sneaking out. They are making pretzel, and learning German and coloring different Lutheran seals so it’s been a lot of fun,” Mrs. Alexandra Frisco said.

Frisco wanted to make sure that students were well informed about the 500th anniversary.

“Sometimes history is one of those things we like to neglect, we kind of put it on the back burner and say it’s not important, it’s in the past but the past is important to know where you came from and learn why we do things the way we do,” she explained.

And although today was a learning session, it was also about having some fun.

“A lot of them understand what it is, the little ones don’t necessarily understand, but they’re just having fun and anytime you can make their faith more real to them or more fun to them that’s what it’s all about,” Ryan West said.