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Former Michigan lawmaker spots deer with three antlers

MARQUETTE, Mich. — Every hunter hopes to nab a buck with a nice rack, but no one would expect to see a deer like this.

A former Michigan lawmaker from Marquette, Michigan snapped a picture of an extremely rare occurrence in nature. A buck with three antlers.

In order to stay active Steven Lindberg has been trying to take and post a picture to his Facebook every day ever since he retired from the state legislature in 2013. He was lucky enough to capture this photo of the abnormal creature on one of his daily walks.

Lindburg said he was able to take some photos because all of the buck’s attention was on a doe laying down nearby. “Then I noticed the reason he’s not leaving is there’s a little doe laying down about 30 yards from us and shes not going anywhere, and if shes not going anywhere, he’s not going anywhere,” he said.

You can see one antler growing on its right side, just behind the ear, and another one growing toward the back of its head. Its safe to say this deer might have a slight advantage over any other buck in his territory.

Since it was posted to his Facebook, the picture has gone viral. Lindberg said he has never experienced anything like it.