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Experts Share Tips on How to Stay Safe During the Holidays

It’s 17 days until Santa gets here, and it’s supposed to be the happiest time of the year. But with buying gifts and inviting family into the house this can become unsafe.

“So the National Safety Council wants people to remember the “3 c’s.” We have cooking, candles, and your Christmas tree; those are some real fire hazards around the holidays. When in terms of cooking anything you should try to do it on the back burner just so your children can’t walk by and pull something off the stove. Set timers so that you not only know when your food is done but you also reduce the risk of the stove catching fire. As for Christmas trees they are so beautiful but don’t overload your lights nor more than 3 strands of lights in the same socket and then with candles blow them out before you leave the room or just buy fake ones,” National Safety Council Spokeswoman, Maureen Vogel said.

Another thing to watch out for is a porch thief.

“Being aware of when your package is being delivered and when it’s coming to you so that you can plan to be home or let a neighbor know. At the same time look out for your neighbors if you see that a package has arrived help them out,” Best Buy Smart Home Expert, Pedro Melendez explained.

With new years right after Christmas, Vogel said drinking and driving increases.

“Please designate a sober driver or make other arrangements. Ride, share, a taxi or whatever it takes please don’t get behind the wheel if you’ve had anything to drink,” Vogel shared.

Removing unused medication is something most people tend to overlook.

“Clean out your medicine cabinet. This is something that people don’t think about. Your unused pills, especially those highly addictive opioids they need to go. They shouldn’t be sitting in a medicine cabinet,” she noted.

Other safety tips includes cleaning your house, and removing toys so that everyone has an enjoyable time.