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Exchange students beautify ACC’s campus

ALPENA, Mich. — If you’re wondering who is responsible for the beautiful flowers planted on Alpena Community College’s campus and along Johnson Street, it is the work of two exchange students who attend the college.

The flowers planted are the work of Musa Kabbah and Runi Demirkol who are two exchange students from Liberia and Turkey.

While both students are gifted in horticulture, Kabbah is here studying electrical systems technology and Demirkol is studying to become a nurse. 

Nursing is something Demirkol will add to his list of talents as planting was something he had done at home.

Kabbah says he misses Liberia and it helps that the Alpena community has been welcoming to him but there is one thing he misses most which is African food.

The two have become the best of friends since meeting in Alpena and video games have become their favorite pastime.

According to Demirkol, he needs a little more practice with video games.

For now the two still have some time to go at ACC with their respective studies.