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Dennis Albert Liske’s ‘No Contest’ Plea Ends Trial Early

It was an interesting day in court today for the criminal sexual case of Dennis Albert Liske. Trial was delayed for over an hour in day two of the case.

Statements finally resumed around 9:30 am where the victim’s mother was supposed to take the stand but things came to a halt when Liske unexpectedly took a plea agreement and plead “no contest” to his charge of criminal sexual conduct in the 2nd degree.

 “You understand by pleading no contest is the same of pleading guilty to proceed sentencing, do you understand that,” Judge Mack questioned Liske. “Yes your honor,” Liske replied.

 With that plea the family agreed to a sentencing cap of 12 months behind bars for Liske, who also has a case in Midland for related charges. The trial that was supposed to last until this Friday led Judge Mack to apologize, thank and dismiss the jury early.

 “This case has been resolved by a plea agreement which no longer requires your services. The reason I mentioned 38 years of trialing cases here and where Ed Black sits is because crazy stuff happens during a trial. It happened today, it’s happened in the last 38 years, and it’s going to happen next week,” Judge Mack added.

Liske pleaded “no contest” when more developments surfaced over night disclosing additional wrong conduct matters. Liske’s victim his now 13–year–old granddaughter, who was 12 at the time of the incident testified on Tuesday revealing that her grandfather assaulted her in his home back in January of this year.

Liske will be sentenced on Monday, October 16th.