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Anglers offer tips for boating and fishing safety at the Brown Trout Festival

ALPENA, MICH — The Brown Trout Festival kicked off this weekend and it’s officially in full swing.

As the name suggests, there will be plenty of fishing involved, but that doesn’t mean the environment is always conducive to the sport. If you’re heading out this week or if you’re new to fishing, there are a few things to be mindful of when you’re on the water.

Jon Sylvester has been fishing at the Brown Trout Festival for more than 20 years. He says, “I think one of the largest hazards that’s out on the lake is obviously the weather. You have to run quite a ways out there to find the fish and sometimes the weather can turn on you pretty quick and get stuck out there.”

The heat and sun also play major roles in health factors you’ll need to consider while fishing. High heat on days similar to the ones we had over the weekend, can easily affect one’s body, and protecting your skin from the sun is important as well.

Angler Chris Carlson says, “The sun can get you pretty bad. You have to be cognoscente of wearing sunscreen. You get a lot of reflection off the water, so if you’re not lathered up with some good sunscreen, you get a pretty good burn.”

One more thing to consider before heading out: motion sickness. Be sure to have some medication and water on standby if you’re not sure how movement of the boat will affect you.