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Alpena woman celebrates 100th birthday

ALPENA, Mich. — Beulah Worniak turned 100 years old on Wednesday. Friends and family gathered at the MediLodge of Alpena to celebrate the occasion. She was born in Cheboygan and around her 2nd birthday she, along with her mother and sister, traveled by train to Alpena where her father was already living.

Her daughter Jane Fortner says she is extremely proud of her mom making it to 100. “It’s quite the milestone to be 100. My mom is pretty amazing,” she said. “I think some of the stubbornness in her got her to be 100. So I’m very proud of her and love her very much.”

While her real name is Beulah, the birthday cake instead read “Happy Birthday Boots!” which was a nickname given to her when she was just a child. Her father couldn’t always afford new shoes for them, so he bought them men’s boots in a couple sizes too large so they would last longer. Eventually she picked up the nickname and it’s stuck with her ever since.

Her daughter Jane said she was such a supportive mother, and was always there for her. “I was the one that moved out of town and traveled and lived in various locations throughout the country,” she said. “Mom and dad were always there to help me move in and put things away, even when I was married. They always came and were always there and always supportive of everything that I ever did or wanted to do.”