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Alcona High School Use ‘One to One’ Chromebooks to Help Students Learn

When it comes to technology, Alcona Community Schools is highly advanced using new tools, welcoming one to one chromebooks to help students learn both inside the classroom and outside the classroom.

“I can load information to them, and if they’re absent I can take a video of what we’re doing in class and they can watch it or I can send them worksheets or things that they can practice. So even if they’re not here, they’re here,” Science teacher, Rachel Somers said.

Providing the computer device makes a day in the education world less stressful.

“Chromebooks are a big help because some people don’t have computers at home or anything like that. There’s a special thing where if you don’t have WiFi at home you can still use them and finish your homework. They’re a big help in the classroom also and we can work on our stuff and we don’t have to go to a computer lab. They’re just with us and it’s pretty cool,” 10th grader, Isabella Bates said.

Students grades appear to be improving.

“I lose a lot of things, and the chromebooks helps me save them at a point so I can get a grade on it. Last year I had ‘L-S’ because I kept on forgetting and now I have better grades,” 9-th grader, Domanick Boittat explained.

Having a one to one chromebook limits the use of textbooks.

“I like to read off paper a little better. All my textbooks are now outdated. The new textbooks are constantly updated. They have videos attached to them, and embedded in them. I just have to get use to them myself, but it’s huge to have access to new materials all the time,” Social Studies, and History teacher, Jim Bouchard said.

There are currently 706 active chromebooks in service for Alcona Community Schools. Over 300 are one to one for grades 6th through 11th. Seniors will be allowed to own their chromebooks when they graduate.

At the end of the school year students must turn in their chromebook to receive an overall check with updates. But their new best friends will be returned to their hands for the next school year of learning.